We are Erika and Isa, two cousins who decided to move from Brazil to Italy in different moments in 2017.

Long-time wine lovers, we decided to bring our project to life in 2021 in the Italian region of Romagna after getting to know Beppe, who would eventually become our expert winemaker. From that moment on, with our respective husbands, Luca and Angelo, we started working on a number of ideas: which wines to produce, how to optimize the production following sustainability principles, and the best ways to employ the know-how and excellence the territory has to offer.

The answer is Cantina del Fuoco, which gets its name from the German word Feuer fire in English, fuoco in Italian–, that is part of our family name.

Passion, innovation, and a sustainable business model are the foundation of our project.


Aiming for sustainability means focusing on synergy.

Alongside our expert winemaker, Giuseppe Pisciotta, we have partnered with outstanding grape producers in the Italian region of Romagna, aiming at promoting the excellence of the territory we chose to work on. We then defined an exclusive winemaking protocol based on state-of-the-art biotechnology that allowed us to develop a high-quality product.

Assessing the real manufacturing capabilities of local enterprises led us to choose to outsource production, implementing a model we call WaaS, or Winemaking as a Service. According to this business model, available techniques are to be used in a modular, scalable, consumer-friendly fashion, which allows all operations to evolve in a flexible, efficient manner.

Our products undergo strict quality control and constant analysis throughout all their lifecycle, from concept to bottling.